Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Cream for Baby Rash

Here I would like to note a type of cream that is good for baby who face rashes on their skin.
As I mentioned in my previous entry, Dania has admitted to KJMC. While she was there, we as her parents has asked her doctor to treat her well. We complained a lot to her doc.Hehehe..(Mentang2 la tak yah bayar) Doc found that she got a rashes on her face, hand and leg. Doc said she might having an eczema. So he suggested to apply Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Cream to her skin. For her bontot, doc said don't used Drapolene but use Egozite for her nappy rash.
Kepada mak2 yang di luar sana mungkin bole cuba krim ni. Insya-Allah mudah2an baik untuk anak kita.

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