Friday, October 31, 2008

feelgood on Friday ~~

Hoho..It's Friday!

Today I am so happy because I had a delicious lunch plus with happy buying of dr. feelgood and last but not least meet with my unimates, Meow Chi.

After having lunch at Dome, KLCC we quickly make our way to Parkson. Whooaa! A lot of improvement has been made up at their shop area. Mind you the last time I went to Parkson, KLCC is 3 years ago OK. But I feel not really impressed by their improvement because it looks like very exclusive for those yang poket lebat sahaja.huhu..let it be la.

Sometimes a little bit of terasa jugak especially masa nak bayar kat cashier. Those who buy expensive items their salesgirl will accompany you to their cashier counter and siap tolong serahkan resit dan makesure you will receive their exclusive paper bag.

Forget about it.

My intention is to seach dr. feelgood from benefit. Because it is my first time being there after their renovation, take me about 10 minutes to figure out the location. Ooohh their booth sebelah Stila. Actually I am not in the mood of buying but because of I am always being trapped of this feeling. Ye la kita dah beria tanya soklan (siap demo tuh) tapi last2 tak beli rasanya memang tak elok jugakkan. End up by buying and receive rm20 voucher. Tapi hampes.
rm10 expire on 7 Nov and another rm10 on 23 Nov. Looks like asking me to buy benetint jek.hehe..My opismate pun dah dreaming2 nak beli gak benetint. Sebab 2 in 1. You can apply on your cheek as blusher and on your lips as lipstick. Very fabulous!!

On the way back to office... I make a drama scene at Ampang Park Station. Punye la seronok sebab terserempak dengan kawan lama, Kang Meow Chi. Siap hugging each other tuh. Looking at her she reminded me on our university life.

Oopss..did I mention we hug each other? Back to year 2001, we became a close fren because we share same feeling when we were fighting to be a manager. Not only that until now we also share same reason why we don't want to continue our Elken business but only consume their products. I am not saying Elken business is bad. Later when I have time I'll share with you on my MLM experience.

Oohh...feel blessed to meet her. Dua2 ketawa bila teringat masa nak fight jadi manager. Sanggup tuh pegi jual biskut merata2 kat area HQ Elken. Bila dah tak dapat jual, bawak balik stok dengan motor. Tangan penuh kiri kanan dengan tin biskut. Last2 tak dapat jual makan masuk dalam perut sendri. hihihi..Sebab tu la bila lalu HQ mesti ingat Meow Chi. Tau tak sebab apa kitorang jual biskut? Sebab teruja sangat dengan upline kitorang dapat jadi manager dengan hanya menjual biskut. Impressive kan? At the end Meow Chi qualified jadi manager for that month and me for the following month(sebab tak cukup point). When she received the good news of being appointed as manager, she cried in front of me. Because I was the only person yang paham perasaan dia. Bila teringat kisah ni, rasa lain sangat. Our friendship bond tu unik. Walaupun kami jarang berjumpa tapi sekali terserempak rasa teruja sangat sampai peluk sakan. Yang kagumnya berlainan bangsa tuh. Ala..macam iklan kat TV tuh. I bet that was enough to describe our friendship.

Tak tau la bila lagi bole jumpa dia. Pasni dia dah tak keja kat Ampang Park lagi. Let me guess. May be bila terjumpa lagi ntah2 dia dah kawin ada sorang anak pastu saya pulak dah beranak pinak.muahahha...

p/s: forgive me on my bad writing in English.


~adiluz~ said...

hahaha..lame nye ko xdtg klcc..kekeke..kate nk join after lunch, cess...pegi merayap parkson rupenye..hehe..btw, parkson gone thru the renovation purposely becoz they want to aim those yg byk duit..hehe..dats y kalo kt mane2 section pon mhl nk mampos..ko dpt voucher rm20, means blanje 200 laa..hahahha...kantoi..btw, ur Tefal pan dat we bought 4 ur wedding present was from Parkson.. ;p

ummi mien said...

takde pon sampai 200. masa tuh parkson wat promosi belanja lebey rm100 dpt baucer for each rm10. apa yg aku cakap nih?watever la.hehe..
tu la seingat aku dulu masuk parkson kt level tu fes aku nampak baju. skang masuk terus nampak longchamp, dkny, fendi la n etc. ala tak heran sgt pon. sbb byk handbag branded cam tu yg masuk mesia made in china. ada la yg aku dpt kantoi. so berhati2 la pada sape yang teringin nak beli yea.btw, mesia je yang poyo mengamalkan sistem ni. adik aku cakap kat germany brand braun buffel tu jual kat kedai besa2 jek. kat cni je konon2 grand.

Syeda said...

benefit ok kah?
aritu jenjalan robinson and diorg caught me to try the product.
makeover la lebey kurang.
lepas tu i nengok myself kt mirror smpi dh tkleh recognize!
i suek make up base die.
but sangat lah mahalnyaaaa

plus, im not a makeup-holic so mmg tkde 'benefit' la nk beli benefit tu.

zue said...

makcik, dh name brg import std laa..dats y braun buffel is not LV/Channel etc..hahaha..kt sini ape tuh F.Timber haa..dorg lambak jek mende tuh..btw, it's not the brand dat matters..the satisfaction is..hahahha..poyo nk mampus!