Thursday, September 25, 2008

:: Our Family Vacation :: Part 1

Next May, we are going to Langkawi for our fes family trip. We would like to make this trip as a treat for Dania's 1st birthday. Insya-Allah.

The flight is confirmed but not yet with the accomodation. Perhaps after raya we start to search by browsing through internet. As usual my choice will be affordable and good spot.

Starting from today we should menabung our tabung ayam for shopping spree at Langkawi.For those who feel want to join our tabung ayam sila2 la ye.ehehe..we r alwiz welcome u ols! juz kidding ;)

This week I'm so busy with web browsing on planning our vacation (mentang2 la bos away for 1 week hehe..). Anyone who had experienced to Langkawi before we really welcome your sharing(esp my fren chura yang akan ke sana selepas raya).


Syeda said...

patut we ol nk g langkawi gaks. tp tk jd
so g melaka je (jgn gelak)

try tgk langkasuka beach resort. ptt mmg nk book situ. my fren bg recomendation. dekat pantai cenang.

and wajib naik cable car and g island hopping.

eh sibuk lak me plan yr vacay. pengerasnya turkish delight beli kt jetty je :)

ummi mien said...

owh..tq syeda! melaka pon ok. ;)kitorang choose langkawi pon sbb nk bagi dania merasa naik flight.hehe..

cable car? erk..tgh pk nak naik ke tidak. rs gerun je nk naik. huhu..

chura said...

haha.dh bg tips suda...