Monday, January 19, 2009

oowwhh...she can stand!!!

Our baby can stand by herself!!! oooOOO yesss!

It happens yesterday night while I'm preparing my garlic bread. She was trying really hard to pull herself up to a standing position while holding on to coffee table. Thank God. Finally she shows her development and I am so happy to catch the moment. But the sad thing is I couldn't capture with our camera. Isk...Isk...

Yesterday night is a practice session for Dania. She kept trying to stand up with all the furniture in our house. I guess she has been very excited with her new skill. hihi...

That was really good news dear. Ummi love you so much.

Now I need to search new toys or create activities to lead her walk.

Any idea gals?

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Nadine Zuharra said...

wau,awal jgk ye dania dah belajar mcm2..baguslah..lagi cepat jalan lagi rajinla ummi bwk dania p ronda shopping mall nnti..hehe