Monday, February 23, 2009

Greedy leads you Bribery or Gucci leads you Burberry

A fren of mine has involved in accident juz one week before CNY.
As usual he make a report and would like to send his car immediately to workshop.
For this insurance claim matter, to claim on that person insurance he need his police report.
In Malaysia, preparing a piece of police report will cost you RM3 and 5 mins.
But if you aren't lucky, it can be RM300 and a month!
Oh my my! After their salary been increased by our 'mr. clean' government, why they are still being greedy?
Is this a programming?
Like a C programming???
Yes. Pay RM300. Receive report in 5 mins.
No. Pay RM3. Receive report in 1 month.

adooii...tepuk kepala geleng kiri dan kanan~~dunia dah nak akhir zaman

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